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RainMachine - The Forecast Sprinkler - Smart WIFI Irrigation Controller

RainMachine - The Forecast Sprinkler - Smart WIFI Irrigation Controller

  • Saves Water using weather service from (100% free)
  • Internet ready WiFI Sprinker Controller with IOS and Android Apps
  • Easy to use, 6.5" Capacitive touch screen
  • Sprinkler timer controller with 12 Zones, Unlimited Programs
  • 7 day Forecasting, Advanced Stats, Freeze and Hot weather protect

The WIFI Forecast Sprinkler. Conserve water.
The RainMachine sprinkler controller automatically adjusts your watering amount by lowering it on rainy or colder days and increasing it on hot summer days. The system not only saves water but it also protects your plants.
The versatility of each program is unprecedented: select individual weekdays, Even/Odd day mode, Cycle and Soak, or Station Delay. Run the programs one-at-a-time, sequentially or even in parallel! The RainMachine WIFI sprinkler timer is designed to handle possible conflicts, like simultaneous commands to the same valve or overlapping schedules.
NOAA. A weather ready nation.
Your RainMachine sprinkler controller connects via WIFI and gets the best weather data available on earth. NOAA employs satellites, radars, weather stations and highly qualified meteorologists, delivering the most accurate weather forecast on the planet. Complex mathematical models that run on huge datacenters are free for you to use in your garden. Yes, free, already paid from your tax money. Using your exact street location, the RainMachine sprinkler timer downloads precise weather data, accommodating to specific microclimates. Let it rain!
No data? No problem. Switch to statistics.
When no forecast data is available the RainMachine will automatically switch to historical weather statistics. This way the RainMachine conserves water even if the Internet goes down.
Garden from any screen. Easy connect. Easy control.
Garden from iPhone, garden from Android, garden from any screen. Connect your garden to your smartphone or tablet and remotely control everything.
The application automatically discovers any RainMachines on your local network and makes them accessible though an easy to use and secure interface.

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