Sabtu, 20 April 2013

Intex 1600 GPH Krystal Clear Sand Filter & Saltwater System

Intex 1600 GPH Krystal Clear Sand Filter & Saltwater System

  • Ideal for all above ground pools up to 12,800 (gallons) of water capacity
  • Sand filter with 1600 Gallon per Hour filtering capacity
  • Can hold up to 55 lbs #20 Silica sand (Sand NOT included)
  • Easy to operate ergonomic hand handle for easy operation
  • Hose adaptors for all connecting hoses to smaller 1-1/4 clamp on Intex style hose connections

Our Intex sand filter pump comes with built in saltwater system with titanium coated electrolytic cell for chlorinating your pool water and creating chlorine from salt in your pool eliminating the need for chlorine and other pool chemicals. Also with a powerful 1/2 horsepower motor with ground fault circuitry for safety shut-off and 24 hour timer for controls filter pump system and saltwater system. Sand filter pool pump includes built in copper ionization feature which releases active disinfectant ions into water. Valve includes positions for Backwash, Rinse, Filtration, Re-Circulation, Drain and Close. Please note Sand needs replaced once every 5 years only, connection hoses with threaded connections for larger Intex pools. Intex filter pump pressure gauge for monitoring efficiency of filter pump unit, easy to follow instructions.

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