Jumat, 26 April 2013

Orion 101 Convection Cooker

Orion 101 Convection Cooker

  • Uses indirect heat to produce convection current within the cooking cylinder
  • Produces amazingly fast cook times
  • Moist tender meat and worry free cooking
  • 100-Percent stainless steel
  • Includes the following accessories: poultry stand with lifting handle, 3 cooking grates, 3 rib hangers and the orion cook book

The Orion Convection Cooker, Uses Indirect Heat To Produce Convection Current Within The Cooking Cylinder, Produces Amazingly Fast Cook Times, Moist Tender Meat and Worry Free Cooking, 100-percent Stainless Steel and Comes With The Following Accessories: Poultry Stand With Lifting Handle, 3 Cooking Grates, 3 Rib Hangers and The Orion Cook Book, Unit Is Heated By Charcoal, No Expensive Or Hot Oil Is Involved.

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