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Good Ideas EZC01 12-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard

Good Ideas EZC01 12-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard

  • With our compost bin you can make rich, high quality compost from your garden, yard, and kitchen waste in just weeks.
  • Rich black color attracts heat from sun for quicker composting; made from 100 percent "pre-consumer" recycled polyethylene plastic
  • Recessed handles on sides of drum provide easy turning action; also act as agitators on inside of drum to help mix batch
  • 72 air breather openings on ends allow air introduction within batch and quick composting action; door also fitted with 2 way vent
  • Size - 31 High x 28 Deep x 36 Long; Capacity - 12 Cubic Feet Inside Chamber

Our Compost Wizard Compost Tumbler takes the backbreaking effort out of turning your compost. You won't need to struggle with forks or shovels trying to tear apart a packed, root-bound brick of material. With our compost bin you can make rich, high-quality compost from your garden, yard, and kitchen waste in just weeks. The large capacity compost drum rotates on a stable base providing quick and easy mixing. Just turn it about once a week to keep oxygen, nutrients, microorganisms, and moisture evenly distributed throughout the developing batch. Our composter arrives fully assembled so you won't spend frustrating hours putting it together, and it's low profile (on ground) means you won't need to lift materials high in the air to fill it. With this simple design, you can begin turning your garden and kitchen waste into valuable organic material in just weeks. Molded from recycled polyethylene plastic, it measures 36 inches x 28 inches x 31 inches and holds 12 cubic feet of material. The rotating drum can be removed from its base and rolled to your desired area for filling or dispensing. A 16-inch wide twist-on lid provides easy loading and unloading of small and large material. The vented lid and 72 end vents circulate air within the batch to accelerate composting, and three recessed handles on the side of the drum make turning a manageable task. Compost Wizard Compost Tumbler arrives fully assembled and is backed by a 1 year manufacturing defect warranty. Fully assembled for one minute setup. Made in U.S.A.

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