Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Greenstone Arch Arbor, White

Greenstone Arch Arbor, White

  • Designed for the classic tea garden, the white arch arbor is perfect for many uses
  • The arbor comes with a light coat of white stain finish; it is not unusual to still see the grain tone of the wood
  • Protected planter guard stain improving weather ability and beauty of the wood; semi transparent white stain has been used
  • Preassembled side panels and easy-to-follow instructions make installation a breeze
  • Exterior dimensions are 84 inches in height by 48 inches in width by 24-inches in length, interior width is 44-1/2-inches

The reasonably priced White Arch Garden Arbor offers a special value for your garden. The White Arch Garden Arbor will add grace to any garden walkway or entrance. The White Arch Garden Arbor has been enhanced and protected with Planter Guard stain which improves the weatherability and the beauty of the wood. Pre-assembled side panels and easy-to-follow instructions will help make installation a breeze. The wood used for the White Arch Garden Arbor components originates in responsibly managed forests. No old growth forests. Period. Take advantage the White Arch Garden Arbor today; it will help you achieve that garden setting you are going to create. Thank you for choosing the White Arch Garden Arbor.

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