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150'ft Cool White 2 Wire LED Rope Light Home Outdoor Christmas Lighting 100v

150'ft Cool White 2 Wire LED Rope Light Home Outdoor Christmas Lighting 100v

  • CBConcept� Cool White 150 FT 110V-120V 2-Wire 1/2" LED Rope Light, Christmas Lighting, Indoor / Outdoor rope lighting
  • Each Kit Includes:[1 X Pre-installed 5' Standard Power Cord with Power Connector] [1 x End Cap] [2 Mounting Clips each 3.3ft]
  • [Energy saving - regular Rope Light: 5.5Watts, LED Rope Light: 0.4Watts per foot]
  • [Cool to touch when lit and Flexible and easy installation.] [Connect up to 150 FT][Waterproof IP65. Indoor & Outdoor use.]
  • [Voltage: 120V . Can be plugged direction into house power out. Safety fused plug for over current protection. No transformer is needed.]

CBconcept is proudly introduce you this beautiful LED rope light, where it offers unparallel advantage over traditional incandescent rope light. Its brightness, almost twice as brighter. Its low energy consumption, use as little as 10% to 15% compare to incandescent, and its long useful life, as much as 30 times more. Most of all, its beautiful color is unfound in incandescent lighting. With its flexibility, safety, and long lasting features, it's an ideal lighting for your home decorative project. Very popular with Walkways, Tree trunks, Hallways, Garage Door Frames, Stairs, Palm Trees, Dancing Rooms, Street Lamps, Arbors & trellises, Playhouses, Backyard Cottages, Sandboxes, Garden Houses, Gazebos, and Pergolas. ADDITIONAL ACCESSORY and Other LENGTH package, please see our store for more options or contact our friendly sales representative.

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